Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Best Survey Reward Sites

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Making money at home for free isn't easy. There are so many offers out there that claim that you'll be able to make hundreds and thousands of dollars from home each and every week. Some of them you have to pay to sign up for, or pay to get your "starter kit," or pay to get the book that teaches you how to make all of this money from home. Scams, all. Unless you've got a great degree and years of experience at a job that will let you work at home on your computer, there's not much of a chance that you'll be rolling in the dough sitting in front of your laptop. However, there are a few different sites online that allow users to make a little bit of money at a time, which can later be cashed out for upwards of $20 a month per site. If you know which sites actually pay, and which ones are worth the effort, you can easily make a decent chunk of cash each month...assuming you have the time and ability to sit in front of your computer for hours each day. 

Between all of the sites I'll list below, I make anywhere from $40 - $200 a month just by being online and completing different activities. Some sites only offer one activity, such as taking surveys, while others allow you to do all sorts of things, even test new products and review them, play games online, and more while you're adding up the points to cash in for free bucks. Here's what I do to make my free money - 

Survey Sites

Toluna - Toluna is my favorite site for making free money. It is essentially a survey site. Businesses and major companies send surveys to the site, and the site offers members the opportunity to complete these surveys for points. Points may then be converted into money by check, Facebook credits, music downloads, and more. 60,000 = $20.00 USD, and the surveys on the site range in worth from 1,200 points and up. Yesterday I was able to take a survey that awarded me 12,000 points, and a few months ago, I spent twenty minutes on a survey that awarded me 60,000 points - enough to cash right out for my $20.00 check! Toluna also allows users to create their own content and ask other members questions via polls or Opinion Topics. The more replies to member-created content, the more points users get. They also have a sweepstakes drawing once a month for large amounts of cash, as well as the ability to test and review brand new products on the market...for free! I've tested and reviewed a few different products from this site and got to keep them after reviewing them. In my last year as a member, I made almost $400 from this site alone.

Vindale - Not quite the same as Toluna, but right up the same alley. Take surveys and earn money. I don't use Vindale as often as I use Toluna because I have a harder time qualifying for the surveys from Vindale. However, I've made about $200 in the last year from Vindale, and depending on if you qualify for lots of surveys, you could make that much or more. While the minimum cash-out balance for Toluna is only $20.00 USD, the minimum cash-out balance for Vindale is $50.00. 

Zoom Panel - Another survey site that lets you cash them out for money or products. The products range in point value from less than 1,000 points to over 10,000 points and include things like jewelery, clothing, kitchen supplies and more. Gift cards can be redeemed for 2,500 points.

Survey Savvy - This site is excellent, because it lets you cash out for as little as $1.00 USD. Refer new members and take surveys to make some quick bucks! Non-US residents are encouraged to sign up at Survey Savvy as well. Payment comes in the form of a check, so you have to have a current mailing address to receive your free money!

Multi-Tasking Sites

Swagbucks - Swagbucks is my favorite multi-tasking site. I call it that because there are so many different ways to earn cash and rewards. Swagbucks operates on a points system like Toluna does. Points can be cashed out for money via PayPal, or else for rewards which range from everything from television sets to gift cards to wallpapers for your desktop. The points there are called Swagbucks and they can be exchanged for goods for as little as 5 Swagbucks at a time (though it takes 700 Swagbucks to have $5.00 USD transferred to your PayPal account). Every day Swagbucks can be easily earned by taking the sponsered daily poll, clicking through sales ads (no purchase necessary), taking surveys, editing posts online, and even doing your basic online searches using their toolbar. If you make a lot of online purchases, check out Swagbucks first, because you can get points back for purchases done through the site, and cash in those points for money to your PayPal or cool prizes.

Send Earnings - Similar to Swagbucks, but a little different. While Swagbucks can be cashed out for as little as 5 Swagbucks, Sendearnings only allows users to cash out at $30.00 USD or higher. However, it is so easy to get up to the $30.00 mark! Sendearnings will send you paid emails which you get points for simply for reading (no purchase necessary). Other offers, like online surveys, watching videos, etc, may be completed for points as well.

So if you use all of these sites, you can make some pretty good "free" money every month. I hope this helps some of you looking to make a few quick bucks!

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